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I'm a communication designer obsessed with providing entrepreneurs with a brand that makes their pulse race.

Let’s talk about how solid brand design is at the core of your business. It’s more than just standing out—it’s creating an identity that your audience resonates and engages with. It directly impacts your bottom line.

I’ve worked in graphic design and communications for the City of Calgary, ConocoPhillips, and ConvergentIS. Along the way, I’ve supported many entrepreneurs by helping them with projects big and small.

I believe good design is all about the process—you've got to break it down before you can build it into something that is beautiful and communicates well. By combining the best of graphic and instructional design, technical writing and usability, being an information designer helps me capture the whole story.

When I'm not daydreaming about colour palettes and typography, I can be found embarking on a culinary adventure, taking long walks on the sidewalk, or having one-sided conversations with dogs. 

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